24 September 2011

dirt racing

so last week for our advanced photo reportage class aka picture story... we went out to a one day event, and had to shoot 100 frames, with a narrative... ver similar to the 72 frame one-day-shoots i did in scotland, but that didnt make it any easier... i met chris stotts, also known for his fight for the right to bring a strip club into athens, ohio... he has been racing for twenty years, and this was him home track...

22 August 2011

slightly out of focus

so we took a hike up to salisbury crags for one last view of the city ... what we did not anticipate was the drastic change in sunset times when you are so far from the equator ... when we first got here the sun would not set until 10:30 pm we got to the crags around 9:30pm and had almost missed dusk ... i did not bring a tripod ... as we hiked up some of us separated and all i could hear as i climbed the steep hill was my own breath and the wind the city lights took on an eerie silence ... and though i wish i had a tripod i feel these images might work better to capture the strange silent mood of sitting above the city on a quiet and chilly sunday night

21 August 2011

gratuitous puppy blog

so i have been having a lot of great shoots finishing up my classwork in scotland. but the thing is this country is full of adorable and mostly well-behaved dogs, which for me are hard to photograph. here are a couple pictures of some dogs that belonged to a gamekeeper who took me out on his estate the other day!

18 August 2011

sikhs in scotland

for one of my stories i found a sikh gurdwara, in leith (edinburgh). everyone was very welcoming and kind, and it was wonderful to sit in on the sunday diwan service, as well as an information session they had to educate people about their religion as part of the festival of spirituality, and their guru ka langar (communal vegetarian meal). the one thing i have left to do for this story is visually set it in scotland.

16 August 2011

one day shoot: sterling

so it might sound easy, but it can be kind of overwhelming... every thursday we have our 'one-day-shoot' where we go to a random town, find a story and shoot it in 72 images... that means that 15 photojournalism students are swarming a town, in this case sterling, on a rainy day in scotland asking for someone to let them in and make some photos... after having no luck at the cemetery or churches in sterling, i found a great group of guys at infamous ink tattoos and piercing... here are some of my images (the last two were not part of the 72 story, but it was just fun to photograph a piercing)

15 August 2011

artists 2

and there is so much more than just music and street performers at these edinburgh festivals (it is not one but many festivals descending upon the city)... one of my favorite places here the forest cafe is hosting and event titles 'i am not a poet' in their gallery space.  i got there just as the poet who goes by the name seekers of lice was finishing her installation around three in the afternoon, she had started he work around 10am

artists 1

so edinburgh festival time is crazy... the royal mile is crowded full of tourists and buskers vying for their attention and spare change... it was a little calmer out on the grassmarket where  i found ronnie rootsie singing the blues in his rough scratchy and soulful voice