20 April 2011

forget the PR

I had an awesome weekend shooting the Forget the PR 25k and 50k trail run. I had been looking to shoot an ultra (and hopefully one day run one), but the only way I could rationalize it was if I turned it into a homework assignment, and as it happened it coincided with my audio-slideshow assignment. It will be another couple weeks before I get the whole thing together, so until then I will post some singles from the race. This was not only my first time shooting an ultra, but also my first time juggling photography and sound which I am sure, forced me to sacrifice some quality on each at times. But that's how I learn! Race director Rob Powell works to keep the course through the Mohican State Park challenging (apparently too many people hit a their PR (Personal Record) last year).


  1. Wow! I wish you had gotten ME in that photo...how cool! Where are the others?

  2. hey - that's me! can I get a hi-res copy of this? it is most excellent!


  3. thanks guys! i will work to find a good format to get images to the people i photographed, but i've got lots of school work to do so please be patient!

  4. Hey Samantha,
    Great to meet you. Thanks for the work, sounds like you enjoyed. Now the work of the slideshow. Good luck. How did I do with my photo's? Did you see them?


  5. Hey Samantha, I am also looking for some high res photos from the race. Good luck with the homework assignment! Let me know when these might be available!!! Thanks so much for being out there!!!

    Tracey Ross