24 May 2011

light painting

in portrait class one of our last assignments was to work with an alternate process. there was a time when digital was an alternate process for me, but that's another story... i decided to try light painting with models, i had done it before in the studio and with strobes in a cave. i knew i had to work faster with subjects that could move, but I also wanted to show a bit of the movement and grain so that i did not just produce something that  i could have done with strobes.  i shot at ISO100 f5.0, it is the combination of two images, the one of michael in the front is a 55 second exposure and the one of kyle in the back is a 49 second exposure. thanks so much to michael seiser and kyle grillot for being awesome models, and also to mark dawson for lending me the shutter release and my dad for always buying me flashlights.

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