25 May 2011

morning at good earth farm

in my documentary photography class i decided to use my long doc project as an excuse to continue shooting at the Good Earth Farm. what captivated me the most about this place was not just the organic farming but the faith and dedication of the people who live and work there, and i have been working and struggling at times to illustrate that convergence with my images. for this project i had to basically create my own assignment. i wanted to work to slow down my shooting and really focus on light and detail, as if i was shooting with film. since i did not have time to process film, i decided to try and replicate the idea by only bringing one or two 1gb cards, ad not "chimping" (looking at the LCD on the back of my camera as i shoot). it has been a challenge and i  have occasionally broken the rules. but i feel that in this struggle i am coming back to some aspects of the shooting style i had lost when i switched to shooting color and digital.

i longed for film when i had 2 hard drives crash on me losing more than half my work, but i have since recovered it, and will begin chronologically blogging my work. i made these first two images after staying up all night and then heading to the morning prayer at the farm. i was so captivated by the morning light and the fog, as it had been so grey and rainy for so long (even though it was May and there was frost on the ground!). i was also slightly delirious from my lack of sleep that i feared i might have been to hasty with my shooting and not made any good images. but i was happy with these two images.

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