15 August 2011

burry man 2

if you want to know more about the Burry Man, see my previous post. this was such a cool event to watch: from the fact that i was seeing a man covered in burrs paraded through his town from about 8am until 6pm to watching the people looking from their windows and gathering on the streets to watch him. children's expressions of curiosity fear and excitement (overhearing one mother say, "no it's not a tree, it's a man"). as a child who was scared of department store santa's i cannot imagine what this must have looked like to young eyes! i also overheard the children's parents reminiscing about how they had grown up watching the burry man, and seemed so happy to share the tradition with their children. and john was wonderful always stopping to pose for pictures with people of all ages. his family also added to the tradition of opening up their house to a lunch party on the Burry Man's route serving food and drink to celebrate their son, the Burry Man.

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