01 August 2011

highland games at st. andrews

yesterday we went to the famous golf community of st. andrews to experience and photograph their highland games. i had read that way back in the day they had used these games for the kings to find the strongest people for their armies, another book said they were for the clans to promote and display the strengths of their warriors. today they are carnival like events with the expected bagpiping, highland dancing, hammer and caber tossing but also running, cycling (road bikes on grass!) and the most intense games of tug of war i had ever seen. here are some of my images from the games...

oh, and i will take a moment to brag... i did place in the highland games, they had a visitors race. one of the other students i traveled with participated in the 400m run around the 'track', and i placed in second in the women's race, winning 5 pounds!

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